Context Menu Search (for Chrome)

This extension can be used to search for selected text using the context menu. Different search engines can be added according to the user’s wish to the right-click menu. The search results are shown in a new background tab. The order of the search engines in the right-click menu can also be arranged. A list of 35 commonly used search engines has been added so that users can choose easily. If needed, the user can also add an option which has not been included.

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Example Menu

You need at least Chrome version 6.0.472 to install and use this extension. If needed, you can install from any channel you want here:

The options page:


2.0:  Added options for the user to choose if the search results show in a background or foreground tab. They can also pick whether the new tab opens next to the current tab or at the end. A list of 35 search engines has been added as options for the user to add.
1.5:  The order of the search options can now be re-arranged.
1.0:  Users can now add as many search engines to the right click menu as they want. An existing option can now be disabled or deleted if not required.
0.9:  Added the ability for enabling/disabling particular search engines. Users can also customize which search engines they want and what the name of the search engine in the list should be.
0.5: Added Bing images to default pack

76 thoughts on “Context Menu Search (for Chrome)

  1. Swaroop

    I know you must’ve got this request many times. But here it goes…
    There is this option “Export/Import search options”, that allows you to export in the form of a string and import it. However, there must be an easier way to do this. If you could provide a login via google (or something similar), so that I don’t have to keep doing this everytime I install this extension on a fresh install of chrome.
    Try out this chrome extension that uses a similar principle:

  2. Artur

    Can I have %s string substituted many times? I have a custom internal search engine, that requires %s twice. Something similar to sed with “g” option.

    Great extension by the way.

  3. Craig

    Like someone else mentioned above…..looking for a way to add a Google MAPS search to the extension. Anyone know how to do this?

  4. J-BOY

    This is a great extension and I cannot live without it!

    One question: I have added several customized searches to my Menu (mostly Japanese sites) on my main PC. How can I easily share the customized searched on my other devices? Chrome automatically synchs my extensions, but not the settings. Can I export/import my search settings?

  5. jsnwtsn

    Replacing spaces with a symbol in selected text.

    I needed to replace the spaces in the text selection with a symbol in order for the search to work correctly. Specifically, I need the spaces to become “+”. I am using the text selection to post a query to, which uses the form:
    In order to do this I edited the search.js file.
    I added this line to the var targetURL block: targetURL = targetURL.replace(“SPACES2PLUS”, info.selectionText.replace(/\s/g, “+”));

    like so:
    var targetURL = _all[itemindex][2].replace(“TESTSEARCH”, info.selectionText);
    targetURL = targetURL.replace(“SPACES2PLUS”, info.selectionText.replace(/\s/g, “+”));
    targetURL = targetURL.replace(“%s”, info.selectionText);

    I used the search term SPACES2PLUS so that the term TESTSEARCH would still function as intended. The entry for the search in the options looks this:

    Hope this helps…

  6. J.T. Brown

    Hi, My chrome windows browser just updated to Version 29.0.1547.57 – AND NOW THIS GREAT EXTENSION NO LONGER SHOWS UP IN THE CONTEXT MENU – PLEASE HELP!!

  7. TL BRown

    Great extension!!! Not sure where to ask but how do I stop these searches from opening in new tab?
    Thanks again for such a great and handy timesaving tool.

    - TL

  8. Genesis

    I’ve been using this extension for a long time now, and filled up my needs well.
    but i have a suggestion:
    what if you can access two search menus at the same time?
    >Google Images (the at the bottom is)

    not what I’m encountering now:
    >Context Menu Search>Google Images

    can it be multiple search menus in one context menu? not redirecting to another context menu ‘tab’?
    sorry for my english, i hope you understand my point, and still thank you for this great extension.

  9. Napster

    I have used the smart search extension on Firefox. This is a great replacement for it in Chrome. It would be nice if we can add folders on Manage current options to separate out the multiple search into different folders or categories to make it easier on users. Thanks.

  10. Dan

    I really enjoy this tool. It makes cross reference searching a breeze.

    One way I use it is when i see a movie name people are talking about, I highlight and search on IMBD and Rotten Tomato. If I like what I see, I straight away go to a torrent site and legitimately download the movie/game/TV Series.

    Also being able to quickly translate things, or quickly get a one click word definition, or quickly get a query on the Urban Dictionary is likewise amazing. Really great idea and the way you implemented it is also genius, so simple but so versatile and effective. You have made a tool with a wide use, one that will last for a decade even if noone else does a revised version of this.

    A suggested feature is the inclusion of website icons. You seem able to include an icon for the first level “Context Menu Search” button. So I believe it should be possible to add the site icon files to the second level. It would improve the searching speed and allow users to choose sites by looking at the picture instead of reading the option text or by remembering the menu position of the option you want.

    Unfortunately, i haven’t coded for chrome before. So just an idea, but one you may take credit for getting working. Huge fan, and keep up the swish work

  11. Nicole Simon

    Can you please add an option to not have a submenu with the choices but have it flat directly in the right click menu? I have to frequently use options to search between german and englisch results (think several times an hour) and if I have to go into a submenu, I can as well just make a jump page instead. :) Default should stay as it is.

    Also, since this seems confusing to some, just add a text in the options that in order to add more engines, just add them on the front page for the option selection.

  12. Доброжелатель

    Great plugin, use it actively.
    – store search engines on server (or google?) autosync with different chromes where I logged in.
    – sort by recently usage

  13. Доброжелатель

    And one more addition: it would be great to add site icons near site names to make choosing right menu item faster

  14. Alin Ionut

    Can you make an option to open search result in background tab if CTRL or Shift or Middle Click is pressed ? This is the only feature that I miss on your extension, I wanna choose when to open the tab in bg and when not.

  15. roadskolar

    Great extension.

    One thing I miss after migrating from Firefox is the an option to automatically enclose the search string for Google in quotes for an exact match search. If this could be done it would be a perfect extension for me.

  16. daniel

    Hi! Love the extension. I have only a couple search engines I want to appear in the list. It would be awesome to have the option to disable the “context menu search” menu within the context menu, and have the custom search options appear in the primary context menu.


  17. JB

    Echoing the earlier request to add a sync option. It is a great tool and I use it everyday from several different devices.