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iGoogle Super Cleanup (for Chrome)

iGoogle is very popular as the homepage of many people. It provides quick access to many things such as Gmail, Reader, News etc and yet loads very quickly.The default view of iGoogle has space set aside for the Google search bar and the theme image. This takes up a lot of space on the page. This extension is used to hide the search bar and/or the left navigation area on the iGoogle page to maximize the screen area available for your gadgets.

Most people are habituated to using the search/address bar in chrome for performing their searches. This makes the search bar on the iGoogle page redundant and hiding it from view makes more of your gadgets visible. If and when needed, the search bar can be viewed by clicking the ‘Show/Hide Search’ button at the top.

Similarly, you can use the ‘Show/Hide Navbar’ button to show or hide the navigation area (including Chat) at the left of the page.

The default appearance of the iGoogle page when first opened can be set via the Options page.

Download (via Extension gallery)